The hardest part of wanting to start something is not knowing how or where to start! The majority of people starting with a ‘blank canvas’ will agree. But as the quote goes “All pictures started with a blank canvas”. This post will provide 5 Fundamentals that will equip you with a solid structure to start.

*For the purpose of this Post we will refer to what it is you are starting from scratch as ‘Blank Canvas’ whether it’s a business, idea, book, project etc…*

1. Assess:

Before you assess your ‘Blank Canvas’ it is best practice to assess yourself. You are going to be the owner, driver and force that is pushing this forward. From my experience as a Coach we often put individuals such as yourself into a position where you are asking yourself questions. This allows you to assess yourself as well as helping you to see yourself as a component.

People often see the world from their own perspective but by assessing yourself you are able to see the bigger picture. Ask yourself questions such as “What support will I need?”, “Do I have the skills to do this?” And finally “Where do I start?” Is a must if you would like to build on strong foundations. Don’t be that individual that rushes ahead and builds a house on sand. Build you ‘Blank Canvas’ on strong mortar.

As a result of the first exercise you should now be able to question elements from outside of your own perspective.

Now lets start again but this time from your perspective. Once again ask as many questions as you can, write them down so that you are able to visualize them. Questions such as “Is this idea plausible?”, “How much planning is required?”, “Will this require a team of individuals?”.

In Summary, in order to assess you need to start by questioning everything. You may not have all the answers; this is completely fine. This doesn’t show weakness, it shows alertness, caution, wisdom and a keen interest. Let’s assume that the ‘Blank Canvas’ is no longer blank and has blossomed into something great…. I expect you to still question everything. “Can this be improved?”, “Is this sustainable?”. Of course this may only be applicable dependant on the type of ‘Canvas’ you have.

2. Research:

All those question… Now its time to get answers. Spend time researching what is required to get your ‘Blank Canvas’ from not looking as blank. I personally look to the experiences of others; both good and bad! The experiences of other is a powerful tool for example someone might have done something that didn’t quite work out according to plan. Now that you know this you can adapt, change or even avoid their method.

Read! Reading is another great tool. Blogs such as BolderGrowth provide information and guidance. You have already taken advantage of this tool by reading this. Academic books can also help you in understanding the theory and methods behind certain topics such as starting businesses, writing and more.

3. Checklist:

Checklists in my opinion are fundamental. Weather you are someone that’s writes on paper or keeps everything digital; checklists fit perfectly into both platforms. This tool will allow you to keep a brief overview and can be adapted alongside your consistent learning. For example, you already wrote your checklist and discovered you missed a crucial component…. simply add it to the checklist. It’s that easy. Checklists come before planning due to their flexibility. Planning often requires a certain level of structure to be in place before design. Checklists avoid this completely.

4. Seek Coaching & Guidance

Gain understanding. This can extend to simply asking friend or family for advice or seeking more professional help. Depending on the complexity or what is at stake. For example if starting a business it is advised to seek professional help prior.

Taking an online course is possibly a solution. Personally before starting my business I sought coaching and took numerous online courses to learn what steps I needed to take to hit the ground running. Here at Bolder Growth we offer Courses, Guidance in the form of Blogs and the much favored 1-2-1 Coaching!

Although you may have done all of the above it does not hurt to have someone help you with struggles. Coaches are trained to help you help yourself using numerous psychological methods and will teach you methods to help yourself going forward.

5. Plan & Pre-Build:

Now the time has arrived for you to plan. Using tools such as Microsoft Project, …. you can plot Milestones. Keep track of your progress through your venture, this can be looked upon in future to reminisce on your success or provide points of learning in the unfortunate event of failure. Pre-Build means to gather resource. Before starting, gather the tools you need. This could be a Team, assets such as software or even physical tools.

You can checkout our Free 7 Day Fundamentals Course Here. This will introduce you to the methods Bolder Growth use to challenge individuals to Personally Grow. This will also teach you some useful logic and psychological skills that you to can use day to day.


Starting anything from scratch can be difficult but with the right mindset and guidance you can achieve allot. These 5 Fundamentals can be applied to almost any scenario. Using the above you can get off to a great and powerful start.

Communication can go along way. Leave a reply below and lets start a discussion. Share some of your experiences in starting something from scratch.
Thanks for Reading,
Daniel – BolderGrowth!

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